My Myth: The Twin Gods

      Once there were two goddesses named Lartemis and Kapollo. Lartemis was the goddess of the moon, and Kapollo was the god of the sun. The twins always were fighting about which one of them were the better god. So one day Lartemis and Kapollo decided to have a duel. This duel would decide which one of them was the better god. 

    When the day came for them both to duel both of the twins were prepared and dressed for battle. Ten days later the battle was still going on and finally Kapollo blasted and bolt of light at Lartemis and that was the end of it. Lartemis blew to pieces and Kapollo was crowned the champion. Since Kapollo won the battle his light shines to everyone on Earth and Lartemis is only seen as a useless sphere in the sky.

The next two pictures are of Artemis and Apollo because those are the two gods that I based my myth on.




公佈在一種不同的語言中:中國人 Post in a different language: Chinese


The top part of this post probably looks very confusing because it is in Chinese, but here is what it means in English.

     I am so excited about spring break, especially this year. I am more excited for spring break this year for several reasons. First of all, we have been in school for twelve weeks straight, and we still have one more week. Thirteen weeks of school in a row without a break is just too much. Also, I am excited because I get to go to the beach with my youth group. We will be down at the beach for five days. It is going to be so much fun. I hope everyone else has a fabulous spring break!

Digital Footprint

     Your digital footprint starts collecting when you are born all the way until after you are dead. Your digital footprint is a record of all the information about you that is on the internet. People can track you down if you have a large digital footprint. Your digital footprint may include things like facebook, blogs, sports teams, etc.

     When I searched my name on google to find all of the things in my digital footprint I only found one thing. My name was on the Whitesburg Middle volleyball website.

Pi Day!!!!!

Here are a few interesting facts about pi for pi day!!

  • In 2002, a Japanese scientist found 1.24 trillion digits of pi using a powerful computer. This broke all previous records.
  • The symbol for pi  has been used regularly in its mathematical sense only for the past 250 years.
  • The first 144 digits of pi add up to 666. And 144 = (6+6) x (6+6).
  • About Me!!

         Hey, I am Kelly, and I am in the 7th grade at WMS. I am going to tell you some basic things about me!!

    1) I have a 14, almost 15 year old brother named Brian.

    2) Also as most of you know, I have a twin sister named Lauren!! (I am the oldest!!)

    3) I play softball and volleyball for WMS!! (GO LIONS!!)

    4) My favorite color is green!!

    5) I have a seven year old dog named Katie. (She is adorable!!)

    6) My favorite college football team is Auburn University!! (GO TIGERS!!)

    7) I was born here in Huntsville, Alabama.

    8) Some of the things I like to do are to hang out with friends, jump on the trampoline, ride my bike, and play any kind of sport.


    Those are some basic things about me!! 

    Fall Break!!

          For Fall Break I am going to Williamsburg, Virginia. I have to leave Saturday morning really early in the morning. We are going to do several different things in Virginia like going to Virginia beach, going to Busch Gardens amusement park, and much more!! (I can not remember anything else we are doing at the moment!!) We are going to stay in Virginia for almost a week. My family is driving 12 hours back on Friday which happens to be my 13th birthday!! Then, on Saturday I have to go to my brothers soccer tournament all day long. Then, on Sunday I will be hanging out with friends, and working on my bug project!! That is what I will be doing during Fall Break!!

    Summer Reading: Tuck Everlasting!!

         Tuck Everlasting is a story about a girl named Winnie Foster who finds something that could change her life forever! While walking in the woods one morning, she discovered a spring. She was really thirsty and the cool spring looked inviting. But, a mysterious boy was standing across the spring. When he saw Winnie he introduced himself . His name was Jesse. Jesse warned Winnie about the spring and its magical powers! Whoever drank from this spring would never die and live until the world came to an end!

         Since Jesse  was not supposed to tell anyone about the spring, he had to take Winnie back to his house. They walked miles and miles through the lonely woods until they reached the Tuck’s house. Winnie met the Tuck Family and thought they were very generous and kind. The Tucks’ clearly stated that nobody can know about the spring because everyone would want a drink. Winnie has to decide whether to keep the Tuck’s secret, and whether or not to join them on their neverending journey!

         Jesse really starts to like Winnie, so before she makes her decision, he told her she can always wait until she is seventeen and then take a drink from the spring. Then, they will be the same age, and could live together for all eternity! Winnie decided that was the best idea, so she went back to live with her mother and grandmother. She told them she had gotten lost in the woods and someone took her in for the night. At the age of fifteen, there was a fire, and Winnie died. She never got the chance to go back to Jesse, and to live a long happy life with the Tucks’.